Hummingbird Activities for Kids

What kid doesn’t love a hummingbird? They’re small, cute, colorful, and infinitely entertaining to watch. If you’re looking for a hummingbird craft, consider making a simple feeder or creating a one-of-a-kind painting. Read a great hummingbird book to teach your children about these little birds or lead them in a fun craft project. If you need ideas, check out these items and activities below.

Ruby-throated Hummingbird Soft Toy

A great friend for children learning about different kinds of wildlife. Measures 8″.


A red solo cup makes a great DIY hummingbird feeder.

Make a Red SOLO Cup Hummingbird Feeder

For a fun and easy kid craft, make this red SOLO cup feeder. Fill it with hummingbird nectar, and wait for the birds to show up!



Melissa & Doug Deluxe Light Catcher Scratch Art Set

Etch in the open spaces of the design frame to reveal the swirled “stained glass” surface. Includes art sheets, frames, window hangers, and wooden stylus.


Dimensions Crafts Paint by Number Kit: Hummingbird and Poppies

A Paint-by-Number for the older child. This set includes acrylic paint, printed art board, paintbrush, and instructions for a finished size of 14″ x 11″.


About Hummingbirds: A Guide for Children

As part of the acclaimed About… series, author Cathryn Sill uses simple, easy-to-understand language to teach children what hummingbirds are, how they look, how they move, what they eat, and where they live.


Aspects 8-oz. Jewel Box Window Hummingbird Feeder

Observe hummingbirds up close with this window feeder. Includes ant guard and suction cups. 8.5″ x 6″.


Hummingbirds: A Beginner’s Guide

An identification book aimed at children ages 9-12 with beautiful pictures and good information for the younger crowd.