How to Choose a Hummingbird Feeder

Which is the best hummingbird feeder for you?

Go in any home improvement store or specialty bird store, and you’ll see lots of different styles of hummingbird feeders. Some are dainty and quite beautiful, but not very practical, often attracting more wasps than birds. For everyday feeding and cleaning, you want to choose one that will stand up to the weather, the bugs, and the birds themselves.

Styles of Hummingbird Feeders

Basin Style Feeders


The Audubon basin hummingbird feeder

Basin style feeders are your best bet like this Audubon Hummingbird Feeder. They’re made of plastic and hold up well, not cracking or breaking easily if dropped. They’re also infinitely easier to clean since the top comes right off, giving access to the water reservoir inside.


The perches, while not required, are appreciated by the birds since hovering requires an enormous amount of energy. And the food is protected by a water well that keeps ants at bay and provides a drink for little birds like finches and chickadees.

Inverted Bottle Feeders


The inverted bottle hummingbird feeder

If you want the look of a bottle, go with a small, inverted bottle feeder like the Perky-Pet that sits in a reservoir with feeding ports. Make sure you choose one with a wide mouth that can be cleaned with a bottle brush. Some come with an ant well in the top, which is ideal. And unless you have hundreds of hummingbirds in your yard, don’t bother filling the bottle up all the way; the nectar will go bad before it gets used up.


Spouted and Novelty Feeders

Ornate hummingbird feeder


While spouted feeders and those resembling ornate pieces of artwork may look stylish in your garden, they are notoriously fragile and difficult to clean. This blue, beaded bottle feeder by Red Carpet Studios does have protective copper wiring, but you will find that a rubber tip like this one will tend to leak sugar water, attracting wasps and ants, deterring hummingbirds from using them.


If you want something glass and beautiful, this hand-blown glass, basin-style feeder is a better choice. It’s also surrounded by a protective wire cage and comes with a money-back guarantee.



Window Feeders


For up-close observation, try this jewel box window hummingbird feeder by Aspects. It has two strong suction cups, three feeding ports, and a wrap-around perch.


Bottom Line

Stick with a pretty, but practical hummingbird feeder with feeding ports and a place to land, and these little birds will be sure to entertain you from spring until fall.

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