The look like hummingbirds but Hawk Moths are insects

Hummingbird or Hummingbird Moth?

It’s a hummingbird! It’s a bumblebee! It’s a… moth? If you think you’re seeing unusual-looking baby hummingbirds or giant bumblebees buzzing quickly about your garden… sadly, you’re probably not. A hummingbird must be fully grown before it leaves the nest and “fast” is not in a bumblebee’s repertoire. Which means you are probably seeing a Hummingbird Moth. Hummingbird […]

Albino or leucistic hummingbirds are a rare treat

White Hummingbirds

White hummingbirds may look beautiful to us, but in nature, standing out and being different are not necessarily a good thing. Sometimes these birds are albinos, other times they only have white feathers on parts of their bodies. So what’s the deal with these hummingbirds, and why do they sometimes appear? Following is everything you […]